Hi Y’all

 So I am an avid romance lit reader and TV show watcher. I hardly ever read any other sort of literature and I consume books by the crateful. and the same’s true for my unhealthy obsession with TV shows. I’ve come across a lot of really awesome finds and authors and characters who have me quivering in the throes of first love and then at other times I just can’t wait for the torture to be over.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a tad OCD about some stuff. Books and shows being two of them. Once I start, I can’t quit till I finish it, even if the interim is KILLING me! so good bad or plain ugly, you can get the low down or romances, tv shows and occasionally music and movies right here!

Feel free to comment my little bunnies especially about books you’ve read and let me know if you have the same opinion or even if you think I’m full of it. I love a good debate!

So…welcome to my home away from home…trashguide. Come in, grab some coffee and chocolate and read away!